Guinot Institut Paris

Founded in France over forty years ago by Rene Guinot, a well-known chemist, the collection of skincare products, now known throughout the world as Guinot Paris, began with a focused approach to treating the skin with the now well-known Hydradermie treatment. From this beginning concept moved ahead with products compatible with those used in spa treatment made available for clients’ use at home.

A total line, Guinot Paris provides a wide range of beauty care, covering three specific categories- face, body and sun. But in each category, the company’s philosophy of professional expertise as a guide to product usage is an important part of its skincare message. Basic to this is the Guinot creed with points out that every skin is different as well as being exposed to different environmental and stressful conditions at different times. It is the synergy of the professional services and the retail products that together brings about skin beauty on which Guinot Paris prides itself.

Our Spa Services

Hydradermie Facial

The Guinot Hydradermie facial is the most advanced beauty salon treatment for maintaining a balanced healthy complexion. It deep-cleanses and oxygenates the skin and stimulates cellular renewal. Regular Hydradermie treatments benefit the skin in three key areas – they improve hydration levels in dry skin, reduce sebum levels in oily skin, and reduce average wrinkle depth in lined skin.

The facial uses the Hydraderm machine (unique to Guinot), manual massage and a variety of plant-based extracts (hydrating aloe and shea butter, de-toxing seaweed and mint, soothing chamomile or firming malt extract). Hydradermie is suitable for all ages and skin types.

Duration: 90 Minutes
Service Fee: Php 1,800.00

Guinot Aromatic Body Care Treatment

Targeting cellulite prone areas, this body contouring treatment combines relaxation with the detoxing and slimming benefits of anti-cellulite essential oils and massage techniques.

The massage with green tea and cypress essential oils uses lymph drainage and acupressure techniques to break down and soften hardened cellulite, improving the appearance and texture of the skin.

Duration: 90 Minutes
Service Fee: Php 1,500.00

The Theodore Spa Signature Massage

Deep Tissue Massage using aromatherapy oil to soothe tired muscles. This treatment is combined with a 15-minute aromatherapy bath soak to eliminate dry skin.

Duration: 90 Minutes
Service Fee: Php 900.00

The Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses firm but gentle pressure for relaxation, ease muscle tension and promote good blood circulation. Also available as an in-room treatment.

Duration: 60 Minutes
Service Fee: Php 700.00

Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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